MARCH, 2017

Change Your Words

Words are powerful.

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”
– Frank Outlaw


The first step in changing the words you use is to become aware of how we use them. The words you use to articulate your mood. The way you describe how you feel. What you think. But most importantly, the words you use to describe yourself. I recently watched a fabulous Facebook live rant from Will Aylward on that little voice in our heads, check out his Facebook page here. After watching his rant, I made the decision to name my internal voice. The one that is indeed holding me back. The one that keeps me questioning myself. Since doing so, I have someone I can actually tell to pipe down. They are now a separate entity, they are not me. It has been incredibly empowering. Thanks Will!


There are so many words we simply say out of habit. Words that belong to our inner critic. The voice that is just waiting to say “I told you so. Nothing you do is good enough.” How does your inner critic speak to you. If your critic is remotely like mine, it likes to be negative and keep me down and tries to make me feel small. That is why it is so important to be on the lookout for the negative dialogue. Try and catch yourself. Before you speak, pause and think about what you are about to say and how you are about to express yourself. Identify whether the language you use is empowering or disempowering?


By using these kinds of statements, we are inviting negative overtones into our lives. We are verbalizing negativity, giving it life. The more negative words we speak, the more these words become our reality and that reality begins to shape our lives. Even though at the time, the statement may seem innocuous, but once you speak negative words aloud you have released them into the world and they become real. We all shape our realities, just by the words we choose to use.


By taking the time to become more aware of the way in which we express ourselves, we can learn a new vocabulary. One that is more empowering. Instead of labeling yourself or situations with a negative tag, instead be gentle, be patient, be kind with yourself. Begin to mentor your inner voice by using positive re-enforcement. Instead of saying something like I’m so stupid, I will never figure this out.” Change it up. Re-phrase it. Instead, you could say, “I am learning something and growing.”


I recently read an article by Michael Hyatt regarding the use of “get to” instead of “have to.” He proposes that by using “get to” instead of “have to” our attitude towards a task or event will begin to transform. It has taken some practice and persistence, but trust me when I tell you that using the language of privilege rather than duty has changed my attitude towards how I approach my morning swim.


It changes your perspective, you feel more grateful. Rather than dreading or avoiding an activity/task, you can be thankful for it. And the more gratitude we express, the better we feel and perform.


Remember that the way you talk about yourself (both in self-talk and to others) can work as a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you continuously describe yourself in a positive way your behaviors will start to follow. Keep telling yourself and others that you’re punctual and you’ll find yourself becoming more inclined to show up on time.


Catching, questioning and changing the words you put into the world is extremely powerful. Do your best to limit the negative and turn up the positive. It can literally make a world of difference in your life.


”The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”
– Ludwig Wittgenstein

As I close out my blog post this week, I thought I would play one of my faves from my youth. I was inspired writing this blog and full of positivity and wished to spread that feeling around. I hope you enjoy!

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